With InTouch's accounting you can be sure that you'll be able to keep on top of all the transactions and invoices for each matter.


Keeping track of money for a matter is a very important part of being a lawyer, and the matter ledgers enable you to record all the money going in and out for a matter to a bank account so that you can stay on top of your compliance rules.

Bank Accounts

Multiple bank accounts are supported, and these can be configured on your settings page.

Banks can have special rules; such as "Negatives not allowed" to help ensure that your are diligently keeping tracking of client money.

Chart of Accounts

Having the right chart of accounts makes a big difference for your organisation. It helps you classify your transactions correctly, and generate meaningful reports to help you run your business better. You can configure your own Chart of Accounts on the settings, and map these to your accounts in Xero.

Xero Integration

InTouch integrates with Xero to make it easier for you to run a profitable business.

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