Data Markers

What is a Data Marker?

Data Markers are unique identifiers used within Document TemplatesEmail Templates and SMS Templates. Once they are defined by InTouch (upon template creation) they are replaced by information saved to a Matter's Data tab or to a Stakeholder's Contact Card. 

Quick and easy document, email and SMS creation. Saving you hours of time not needing to add names, addresses and fees. 

InTouch enables you to create your own Data Markers in the form of Custom Fields.

Understanding the difference between Custom Fields and Contact Field Definitions

Both are Data Markers by definition, however there is one difference between them both. Custom Fields will populate the template depending on the data within the matter. Whereas a Contact Field Definition will populate the document depending on the data held within the contact information. 

Custom fields

Think of Custom Fields as templates for information required by a Matter. They will ask the user a question, such as, what is the re-mortgage amount?, and define how they are able to answer.  


Number Type you can only answer with numerical values. Once this information has been provided, it will be saved to the Matter.

Contact Field Definitions

Contact Field Definitions allow additional data to be captured that is specific to a Stakeholder. This could include, but not limited to, their correspondence address, occupation or National Insurance number. These are all bits of information specific to the person, not the matter. So will not change and can be used across multiple Matters.


{{date.of.birth}} would be a Data Marker used within the Contact Field Definitions. This is because it is specific to the person, not the Matter. A date of birth will not change, an address might. 

Accessing Existing Data Markers

Within InTouch exists a database of your firm's Data Markers including your default Data Markers and those added as Custom Fields. To access the database, follow the below steps:

  1. Enter Settings (top right)
  2. Click on Documents.
  3. Click the Data Markers tab.

Using Data Markers

Data Markers can be used within Document TemplatesEmail Templates and SMS Templates. Best practice is to copy the Data Marker from the above database, then paste it into the template as Plain Text, preventing formatting errors from occurring.


I am writing with regards to the {{}} of the property at  {{matter.address.singleline}}.

Above there are two Data Markers. InTouch will now look back to the Matter the above template was generated on for the required information. This is now automatically pulled from the Matter and added onto the template. {{}} is replaced with the name of the Matter Template. {{matter.address.singleline}} is replaced with the Matter's full address in a single line. The sentence will now read as follows:

I am writing with regards to the Sale of the property at 44 Test Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NGH 787.

To transform how the data is inserted, refer to Data Helpers.

Commonly Used Data Markers

  • {{matter.clientlist}} – Outputs the forenames and surnames of all Client Stakeholder types into a comma separated list.
  • {{matter.address.singleline}} – Outputs the full Matter address in a comma separated line.
  • {{stakeholder.*stakeholder name here*.list}} – Outputs the forenames and surnames of all of the specified Stakeholder types.
  • {{stakeholder.*stakeholder name here*.surnamelist}} - Outputs the surnames of all of the specified Stakeholder type.
  • {{currentuser.fullname}} - Outputs the full name of the current user.


If your Data Markers are not correctly pulling data into your templates, refer to the below for guidance;

  • Check the spelling of the Data Marker.
  • Ensure the Data Marker is wrapped by two sets of squiggle brackets: {{datamarker}}.
  • If using the #IF Data Helper, ensure it is closed with an {{#ENDIF}}, that the correct spacing has been used within the squiggle brackets, and that double quotations are used rather than single quotations.
  • If you have created your own Data Marker, ensure the Custom Field is saved to the Matter Template.
  • Try deleting the data marker, then pasting it into the template as Plain Text.

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