Matter Templates

A Matter is a property transaction. They are sometimes termed as cases or properties, but within the InTouch system they are known as Matters.

When a new Matter is opened, a pre-built workflow is selected that helps to manage and automate the property transaction. These workflows are termed Matter Templates. The most commonly used are;

  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Remortgage
  • Transfer of Equity

However, if you were to require more specific workflows, such as Right to Buy or Purchase by Auction, the breadth of the functionality makes this possible.

For a staff member with the permission Edit Matter Templates, Matter Templates can be accessed by entering Settings, then Matter Templates.

Key Concepts

Before explaining the functionality in greater detail, it is important to begin by defining the core concepts of a Matter Template.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are data specific to the transaction. For example, the price of the property. This information is saved to the Matter and transferred to a new document or email when they're generated through InTouch.


A Stakeholder is a party invested in the Matter that requires an involvement in certain tasks. Each Stakeholder accesses the Matter from their own InTouch portal. Common Stakeholders include;

  • Client
  • Other Side Solicitor
  • Mortgage Lender


A Matter's workflow is broken down into small, manageable Tasks. For example Contracts Exchanged or Replies to Enquires Sent to Other Side Solicitor.

Tasks can be a simple statement that acts as a reminder to a user, or they can generate a document, email or complete a form.

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