Custom fields

This help article will explain the concept of Custom Fields and where they can be accessed.

How are Custom Fields Used By a Matter?

Think of Custom Fields as templates for information required by a Matter. They will ask the user a question, such as, what is the re-mortgage amount?, and define how they are able to answer. For example, with a Number Type, you can only answer with numerical values. Once this information has been provided, it will be saved to the Matter.

Each Custom Field has an individual Data Marker, a unique code that InTouch uses to identify the Custom Field. Usually, they are two or three words long, related to the Custom Field's question and are separated by periods. For example, the Data Marker for a property's price could be property.price.

The Data Markers are used within Document Templates,  Email Templates and SMS templates. When InTouch identifies the unique code, it replaces it with the information provided by the user when they answered the Custom Fields question.

Accessing Custom Fields Within a Matter Template

To access Custom Fields, enter Settings, then Matter Templates, then click Edit on the relevant Matter Template, then enter the Custom Fields tab.

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