A Matter's workflow is broken down into small, manageable tasks. For example, All Searches Received or Draft Contracts Sent. These can be simple statements that act as reminders to a user, they can allow the user to generate a document or email, or ask the user to complete a Form. They guide the user through the transaction's different stages, automating part of the process.

Accessing Tasks

To access Tasks, enter Settings, then Matter Templates, then click Edit on the relevant Matter Template, then enter the Tasks tab.


Some Tasks are more complicated than others and need to be broken down into smaller, more workable tasks. These smaller tasks are termed Subtasks.

For example, the Task All Search Results Received is commonly broken down into four Subtasks;

  • Environmental and Flood Search Received
  • Local Search Received
  • Drainage Search Received
  • Coal Mining Search Received

Another use of Subtasks is to associate Document Templates or Email Templates to a Task. For example, the Task Completion Effected could contain Subtasks that generate completion letters to the client, estate agent and other side solicitor. Once these documents have been generated, they can be checked off from the workflow.

Task Configuration

To access Task Configuration, click on the edit icon of the relevant Task or Subtask. Recurring Task Configuration settings are explained below;

Name (sometimes available for Subtasks)

This is a user-friendly name that will make sense to staff members and any Stakeholders that the Task has been shared with.

Notes (not available for Subtasks)

Notes allow you to provide additional about the Task to the user. Notes are not visible to Stakeholders.

Who Should See This Task? (not available for Subtasks)

This field contains a list of all the Matter Template's Stakeholders. Tick the checkbox for each Stakeholder that you want the Task to be visible to.

Stakeholders' Description (not available for Subtasks)

This field allows you to provide additional information about the Task to the Stakeholders it has been made visible to.


This field allows you to apply rules to the Task's completion. Each restriction is explained below;

  • Only users with the Supervisor permission can tick this task - define whether it must be a Supervisor that ticks the Task as completed.
  • Do not allow this task to be completed unless ... is completed - specify another Task from the workflow that must be completed prior to this Task.

Traffic Lights

This field allows you to define rules that cause Amber and Red Traffic Lights to be triggered. 


This field allows you to apply further rules to the Task. Each rule is explained below;

  • Should this Task be automatically ticked when a search request has been made? - define whether InTouch should automatically complete this Task when a search request has been made through InTouch.
  • Update Matter State to ... when this task is completed - select a Matter State (Lead, Open or Aborted) that the Matter should be converted to following the completion of this task.
  • This task displays the link to Statement of Adjustments - For our Australian customers, define whether a link to your Statement of Adjustments should be displayed.

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