This help article will explain how to add a new fee to a Step, including a breakdown of each field, and how to delete an existing fee.

Adding a New Fee

To add a new fee to a Step, click on the + Fee button. This will open a new modal window containing numerous fields. Each of these are explained below.


This is the name of the fee as it will appear to the user in their quote.

Data Marker

A Data Marker is a unique name for a data item. When writing a data marker, it is good practice to separate a group of words using periods to signal a hierarchy. For example;

fees.bankruptcy.search, fees.legal.fee, fees.leasehold.

The data marker should also be added to the relevant matter template as a Custom Field. This allows the data provided by the fees's answer to be attached to the matter.

Tax Percentage

This field allows you to define the tax percentage of the fee. When InTouch generates the quotation breakdown, it will display the tax amount separately to the fee cost.

Hide this Fee if

This field allows you to define a condition that will hide the fee from the Form's quote breakdown.

After ticking the checkbox, three new fields will appear. The first field is a drop-down menu that contains a list of the Form's questions. From here, select the question that should be used to define the condition.

The second field is a drop-down menu with the options Equals and Does Not Equal. Select the relevant option.

In the third field, enter a value. If the question equals / does not equal this value then the fee will be hidden.

Fee Calculation

This field allows you to specify the fee's amount, as shown within the quotation breakdown. There are two ways to approach this;

  1. For fixed fees, input a numerical value, such as 100.00.
  2. Use a fee calculation. This creates a fee that is variable dependent on the user's answers to the Form's questions. Such as;

{{#if property.price > 1000000}} 1000{{#else}} 750 {{#endif}}

This equates to: If the property price is more than 1,000,000 the fee is 1,000, otherwise it is 750

You can read about more options for calculations by reading the  Templating documentation.


Notes allow you to provide additional information about the question to the user. The user can access this information by clicking on the question mark next to the Fee on the Form's quote breakdown.

Deleting a Fee

To delete a fee, click on the Delete button of the relevant fee. Then, click Delete in the modal window that asks you to confirm your choice.

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