Form Widget Config

Form Widget Config contains settings that are applied across the Form Widget, affecting each Form within the grouping.

Accessing Form Widget Config

To access Form Widget Config, enter Settings, then click Form Widgets, then click Edit on the relevant Form Widget, then enter the Form Widget Config tab.


The first section, Config, contains a single field titled, Email the following addresses on form completion.

This means that once the form is completed, an email will be sent to the email address provided notifying them that a form has been completed.

The form can be sent to as many staff members as required. To do this list the email address in the field and separate with a comma.

Note - If the Form is linked to an existing Matter or is set to create a new Matter, the Matter's fee earner will always be emailed to notify them of the Form's completion.

If the form is not linked to an existing Matter or set to create a new Matter, the form's Associated Fee Earner will receive the email instead.

Style & Appearance

The second section, Style & Appearance, allows you to modify the Form Widget's design, as it appears to the user.

Embed Code

Embed Code contains a code snippet that can be copied and pasted onto your website. For further information, please refer to Embedded Widget

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