Why has my matter turned amber or red

The red and amber lights are part of InTouch's traffic light settings. This article will teach you the differences between both lights, and about how they both function within InTouch.

In This Article:

  • What Do the Traffic Lights Mean?
  • What is the Difference Between a Red Traffic Light and an Amber Traffic Light?
  • How Do I Dismiss a Traffic Light?

What Do the Traffic Lights Mean?

The traffic light system has been set up to alert you of a matter that needs your attention. Within each matter is a series of tasks that need to be completed. 

As pictured above, if your matter appears amber or red, this is to warn you that a task's completion date is approaching, or is perhaps even overdue. As pictured below, you will also receive a statement that indicates the reason for the traffic light. 

If a traffic light appears, click into the relevant matter. As shown below, the task that requires attention will also be amber or red. 

Once the task has been attended to, the matter's traffic light will turn off. 

What is the Difference Between a Red Traffic Light and an Amber Traffic Light?

A red traffic light is more urgent than an amber traffic light. Both traffic lights can be used, however red will always overrule amber. This means that a matter may begin amber, but if left inactive may turn red at a later date. 

How Do I Dismiss a Traffic Light?

If you are aware that a matter requires your attention but you are currently unable to make an update to it, it is possible to dismiss a traffic light for up to seven days. 

Within the relevant matter, the traffic light will be displayed across the top of your screen, as show below.

On the right-hand side of the traffic light is a 'Dismiss' button. By clicking on this button, the traffic light will be dismissed for one day.

The button also has a drop-down menu. This menu allows you to select the day of the week (up to seven days into the future) on which to dismiss the alarm until. 

Note that the alarm can only be dismissed for a maximum of seven days into the future, and that they cannot be dismissed until a Saturday or Sunday.

Common Questions

Is it possible to make changes to the traffic light settings?

Yes, the traffic light settings are configurable. For assistance with this process, please refer to How Do I Change a Task's Traffic Light Settings?

I accidentally ticked a task as complete and so its traffic light has turned off. Is it possible to turn the traffic light back on?  

Yes, this is possible for every task. Begin by clicking on the settings cog for the relevant task, as pictured below. 

As shown below, at the bottom of the menu will be the options 'Amber Traffic Light' and 'Red Traffic Light'. Click on the light that you wish to appear. 

I want to dismiss my alarm for longer than seven days. Is this possible?

No, this is not possible. An alternative option might be to increase the number of days it takes to trigger an alarm within your Organisation Settings. Please refer to Configuration of Organisation Settings for assistance with this. 

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