Custom data report

The Custom Data Report allows you to apply a single Custom Field filter to a Matter Template, then generate a report in a pie chart format. The filter is explained below;

  1. First drop-down menu - select the relevant Matter Template name.
  2. Second drop-down menu - select the name of the Custom Field on which to run the report.

After applying the filter, click Run Report to generate the pie chart.

Data Time Frame

By default, the pie chart will display data collated from the last 90 days. For guidance on amending this, please refer to Date Range.

Understanding the Pie Chart

By hovering over a pie chart segment, you will reveal the Custom Field's answer and the number of Matters the answer applies to.

By clicking on a pie chart segment, a list will open that contains the references of all applicable Matters. To view the Matter in a new tab, click on its Matter reference.

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