Completed report

The Completed Report displays three pie charts that each visualise the number of Matters that are the Completed Matter state. You are not able to apply additional filters to this data. Each pie chart is explained below;

  • By Team - The pie chart is divided by your firm's teams.
  • By Fee Earner - The pie chart is divided by your firm's fee earners.
  • By Matter Type - The pie chart is divided by Matter Template name.

Data Time Frame

By default, the pie chart will display data collated from the last 90 days. For guidance on amending this, please refer to Date Range.

Understanding the Pie Chart

By hovering over a pie chart segment, you will reveal the segment name and the number of times it occurs.

By clicking on a pie chart segment, a list will open that contains the references of all applicable Matters. To view the Matter in a new tab, click on its Matter reference.

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