Using the outlook plugin

The Outlook plugin allows you to attach an email directly to a Matter on InTouch that has been sent to your Outlook inbox. This help article will explain how to use the plugin after it has been installed on your PC.

How Do I Use the Outlook Plugin?

To use the Outlook plugin, follow the below process;

  1. Within Outlook, click on the Attach button on the right-hand side of your Home panel.
  2. You will be asked to sign into your account if you have not already done so.
  3. A modal window will open containing numerous fields - each is explained below.
  4. When finished, click Select in the bottom-right corner.

Search Filters

The following search filters can be applied: Leads, Open, Completed, Archived, Aborted. After ticking a filter's checkbox, that category's Matters will appear in the below table of Matters.

Filter by Team

This field contains a drop down list of your firm's Teams. By default it will be set to All Teams. After selecting a Team from the list, only that Team's Matters will appear in the below table of Matters.

If the email's subject line contains an ITR code, InTouch will use this to identify the Matter the email belongs to.

An ITR code will look like this: [ITR:AAAA-BBBB], and is usually placed at the end of your subject line.

If the subject line does not contain an ITR code, a Matter can be searched for by Stakeholder name, Stakeholder email address, property address or Matter reference (or similar information specific to a Matter).

Email Name

The Email Name is the email's current subject line. Changes can be made, which will then be applied when the email is attached to the Matter.

If making changes, it is recommended you don't remove the ITR code.

Attachments to Include

This field contains a list of files attached to the email. Tick the checkboxes of the files you wish to upload to the Matter. They will be saved to the Matter's Docs & Emails tab.

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