Configuration of organisation settings

Organisation Settings

Organisation Settings allows you to configure practice wide rules relating to the categories below. This help article will show you how to access the Organisation Settings and teach you about the different options available.

How I can access the Organisation Settings

  1. Log into InTouch
  2. Click on Settings (top right)
  3. Click on Organisation Settings (in Advanced)

Abort Matter Reasons

When you  abort a Matter you are required to enter a reason for doing so. Aborting a matter can be useful as it cleans up your Matter's list with Matter's that are only of importance to you. Ensuring you know the reason why it was aborted is equally as important. 

Email Addresses

Searches Received Email Address

Put in here the email address you wish to receive the search updates too. If it is left blank it will be sent to the Fee Earner. 

Twitter Handle

Within the text box add your '@' Twitter handle which will then be populated within the Data Marker {{social.twitterShareLink}}. This is mainly used by the Automatic Completion Email Template where your clients can recommend your service.


Same principle as above Twitter Handle, if you enter your website here you can associate this to a Data Marker. 

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights will highlight criteria set by yourself towards a Matter that requires attention. Follow the Traffic Light link for more in depth information.



This number is the number of days you wish to pass before a completed Matter is automatically archived and no longer contained within your Matters list. 

Matter Reference Convention

This is where you can customise how the Matter Reference is displayed as a default. You can use  Data Markers in here to set a bespoke one for each Matter. Leave blank for default. 

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