Using the stakeholder portal

The InTouch portal can be used by your stakeholders to follow their transaction's progress and complete various tasks.

There are 2 different types of portal available: the Web or Mobile App.

The InTouch mobile app can be accessed by searching "InTouch - Your Property Portal" within the relevant app store.
For guidance on configuring the InTouch portal, please see this help document.

Inviting stakeholders to the portal

If a stakeholder is configured to receive the Automatic Update Email, the first time a visible task on the matter is marked as complete, the Automatic Welcome Email will be sent which contains a link to access the portal.

A visible task is one that has been configured for the stakeholder to view, within the matter template. To view the task visibility settings on a matter, select the settings cog next to each task.
If a stakeholder has already received the automatic welcome email on another matter, they won't receive it again. They can use their existing log in details to access their portal account and view any matters they have with you.

Providing updates

The InTouch portal provides the stakeholder with a bespoke copy of your task list.

The tasks that are visible to them are configured within your matter template.

Each time these tasks are ticked from your matter, the portal is updated to show that they are now complete.

To view the task visibility settings on a matter, select the settings cog next to each task.
To change the task visibility settings on a matter, select the settings cog next to each task and select the relevant stakeholder group to either make the task visible or private.

Sending notes

Send quick updates to your stakeholders by adding notes to the tasks on your matter.

These notes will be available for the stakeholder to view within the task list on their portal.

To add a new note to a task, select '+ Note' under the relevant task and enter the details.

The note will be available to any stakeholders that are configured to view this task.

Sharing Files

Share files with your stakeholders through the InTouch portal.

These are then available for the stakeholder to download and view at their side.

This provides a secure method of sharing confidential information quickly.

To share a file, select the visibility icon next to the file which will be labelled either Private or Shared and choose the relevant stakeholder type you would like to share the document with.

To unshare a file, select the visibility icon and choose the stakeholder groups you would like to remove file access from.
Files can also be added to the InTouch portal by your stakeholders, and these will automatically attach to your matter.
To see how the InTouch portal is used from your Stakeholders perspective, watch this short demonstration!

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