The stakeholder Portal

The Portal can be used by Stakeholders to keep up to date on the progress of their matters.

There are 2 different types: the Web Portal and Mobile App.

To access the mobile app, just search "InTouch - Your Property Portal" within the relevant app store.

All Stakeholders can be provided with access to the Portal and it can be configured to their needs.

There are a number of different actions you can take within the Portal:

  • Creating bespoke task lists
  • Providing task descriptions
  • Sending notes to Stakeholders
  • Sharing files

Inviting Stakeholders to the Portal

Configure which Stakeholder types have access to use the Portal within your matter templates.

When a stakeholder is added to a matter, the first time a visible task is completed the Stakeholder will automatically be sent the Welcome email which contains a link to access the Portal.

You can edit the Welcome email at any time within your email templates. To invite a stakeholder to use the portal, just ensure the data marker {{recipient.matterLink}} is embedded as a link.

Creating Bespoke Task Lists

Each Stakeholder type can have their own bespoke task list available to them within a matter.

This can be used to provide updates on relevant aspects of the matters journey.

To create this, edit the task visibility within your matter templates.

Manually changing the visibility of tasks

To manually change the visibility of a task for a Stakeholder on a matter:

  1. Click on the Settings icon to the right of a task
  2. Select a Stakeholder type to provide or remove the visibility. Selecting Private will remove the task for all Stakeholders.

Stakeholder Task Descriptions

Each task can have a Stakeholder description assigned to it, which can be used to explain what's involved in that part of the matters journey.

We recommend including information on the work that's involved, anything you might need from them to complete the task and anticipated timeframes to reduce progress chasing phone calls.

To provide or edit a task description, visit the task within the matter template and edit the 'Stakeholder's description'.

Sending Notes to Stakeholder

You can send quick updates to your Stakeholders by providing a task note on the matter. This syncs to the Stakeholder portal and is available for them to view.

To add a new note to a task, select '+ Note' under the relevant task and enter the details.

The note will be available to any Stakeholders with that task visible to them.

Sharing Files

Files can be shared within the Portal between the matter and its Stakeholders.

To provide a stakeholder with access to a file on your matter:
  1. Navigate to the Docs/Email or Folder tab
  2. Within the drop down menu which reads as 'Private' or 'Visible/Shared', select the relevant Stakeholder type
  3. This will trigger an automatic email to all Stakeholders of that type advising they have had a document shared with them
    Configure the email template that is sent in this scenario within the matter template.
  4. The file will then be available for them to download within the Portal
By default, files on the Portal are sorted by those most recently shared with the Stakeholder. Your Stakeholders can choose to re-order their documents by name or date, if they prefer.
To receive a file from a Stakeholder:
  1. Within a matter on the Stakeholder Portal there's a 'Document' section
  2. Select 'Upload' and choose a file from the device
  3. The file will be uploaded to the Portal
  4. This will trigger an automatic email to the Fee Earner of the matter containing:
    1. The Stakeholders name
    2. The file's name
    3. A hyperlink to the matter
  5. The file will be attached to the matter with an amber light for review
    This provides a secure method of sharing confidential information quickly
A document can be shared or marked as private at any point, in which case access will be revoked for that Stakeholder.

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