Time recording report

The Time Recording Report allows you to report on time recording entries raised on InTouch.

This report is great to use if you want an understanding of the status of your time recording entries compared by Fee Earner.
  1. Change the timeframe using the calendar icon in the right hand corner
  2. Choose whether to filter by the time recordings status: free, chargeable or receivable raised
  3. Choose whether to filter by entries assigned to a particular team
  4. Choose whether to filter by entries raised against a particular fee earner
  5. Choose whether to filter by entries raised on a particular matter template
  6. Choose whether to filter by a particular time recording type
  7. Select Run to generate the report

Any time recording entries which adhere to the filters selected will be displayed in a table.

The following information is provided for each entry:

  • Date of recording
  • Current status
  • Assigned fee earner
  • Associated matter reference
  • Type of entry and any notes recorded against it
  • Rate selected
  • Units/time recorded
  • Total amount

Click Export to download the data in a .csv file.

Use the saved reports functionality to save a report with lots of filters, saving you time next time you wish to generate the same report

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