Stakeholder report

The Stakeholder Report allows you to gain data on the Stakeholders that have interacted with your matters.

This is a great report to use to gain a list of contact details for your Stakeholders which might be used for marketing purposes.
  1. Change the timeframe using the calendar icon in the right hand corner
  2. Choose the matter template you wish to report on using the second drop down menu
  3. Choose the Stakeholder you wish to gain data on using the first drop down menu
  4. Optional: filter the results by a particular matter reference
  5. Filter the results by a particular matter state: lead, open, completed, aborted or archived

Applying Filters

Select 'Add Stakeholder Filter' to filter your data further:

  1. Choose the Stakeholder you wish to filter by
  2. Select the data you wish to filter by
  3. Choose the conditions in which it should be filtered: equals, starts with, ends with, contains
  4. Provide the value it should be filtered against

After you have finished applying the required filters, Run Report to generate the data.

Click Export to download the data in a .csv file.

Use the saved reports functionality to save a report with lots of filters, saving you time next time you wish to generate the same report

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