Managing alarms

Alarms can be used to provide a manual notification to the Fee Earner of a matter at a chosen date.

Adding an alarm to a matter:

  1. Navigate to a matter
  2. Select the Cog icon in the top right corner
  3. Select 'Add Alarm'
    1. Provide a date and time for the alarm
    2. Provide a reason for the alarm
  4. Confirm

The alarm will be pinned to the left hand side of the matter until it's removed.

Alarms due for expiry are included in a Fee Earners Daily Summary email.

Alarms added to matters in the completed or aborted state will not be shown in the Daily Summary email. This is to avoid any unnecessary alerts on matters that aren't actively being worked on.

Alarms are also included on the InTouch calendar.

Editing / deleting an alarm on a matter:

  1. Navigate to the matter
  2. Any alarms will be listed at the top left hand side
    1. Select the Pencil icon to edit the alarms date or reason
    2. Select the Cross icon to delete the alarm from the matter

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