Introduction to data helpers

Data Helper can be used within email, document and SMS templates to output custom content based on the data of a matter.

They can also be used within quote calculators to output custom Fees.


  • They always start with a #
  • They are always encased within two curly brackets {{ }} that specify the start and end of the helper

List of Helpers

#if, #else, #endif

Can be used to create conditional statements with defined custom outputs.


Can be used to define a question presented to the user generating the template, without having to save any data to the matter template.


Can be used to output date and time fields in a desired format.

#foreach, #endforeach

Can be used to run through a list of data, often used in invoices and fee tables.

#lowercase, #uppercase, #titlecase

Can be used to force the output to be in a certain case.


Can be used to perform calculations and output the result.


Can be used to calculate current Stamp Duty, Scottish Land Tax and Welsh LTT rates.

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