Signature position markers

Document templates can be emailed to your Stakeholders to be electronically signed within InTouch.

Within the document, you are able to configure where the Stakeholders signature is to be placed.

This is great when collecting multiple signatures within a single document.

Signature Position Markers

Signature Position Markers are unique codes that allow you to recall the signee details into a document once signed.

  • They always begin with #signee
  • Followed by an Identifier, to reference an individual Stakeholder i.e. client1
    This identifier can be any text you like and doesn't need to match the name given to your Stakeholders on the matter template.
    Include the signatures of multiple Stakeholders by changing the identifier number i.e. client2, client3.
  • They end with the type of data required: name, date, signature

For example:

Signature Position Marker



The full name of the first client.


The date the second client signed the document.

#signee client3.signature

The signature of the third client.

Adding Signature Position Markers to Word Documents

Signature Position Markers work differently to data markers and need to be formatted into your Word documents:

For further guidance on adding Signature Position Markers to Word documents, watch our short training video.
  1. Within the Word document, select the area you wish to enter the Signee details
  2. Navigate to the Insert tab in the top ribbon
  3. Within the Text section, select Explore Quick Parts and then Field...
    Depending on the version of Word you are using, Quick Parts may be shown as a small drop down menu next to the 'Text Box' option.
  4. Within the Field Names menu on the left hand side, find Merge Field
  5. Within the Field Name text box, enter your Signature Position Marker
  6. OK

The Signature Position Marker will be inserted into your word document enclosed in << >> brackets.

To edit the marker, right click on the text and Edit Field.

Once the document's been signed, the Markers will be replaced by the signee details.

If using a table, ensure enough space is provided for the signature to be included. If there isn't sufficient space, the signature image may be resized.

Click here to download an example Word template containing these Markers.

Signature Position markers within Word templates are not supported if the document is converted to a PDF within InTouch. The template needs to be generated as a Word document on the matter and it will then automatically convert to a PDF when sent for signature.

Adding Signature Position Markers to PDFs

To add Signature Position Markers into PDFs, you will need a programme that allows you to edit PDFs.

The following instructions are based on PDFescape. You may need to adapt these depending on the PDF editor you use.
  1. Within the PDF Editor Software, upload the document you wish to edit
  2. Select Form Field from the left hand menu
  3. Choose the type Text and then Select
  4. Create a text box in the desired area of the PDF
  5. Right click and select Object Properties
  6. Enter the Signature Position Marker into the Name field
  7. Choose whether you wish for the text box to be visible or not using the visible checkbox
  8. OK

The Signature Position Marker will be inserted into the PDF but will not be visible.

To edit the marker, right click on the text box and select Object Properties.

Once the document's been signed, the signee details will be entered into the text boxes.

Click here to download an example PDF containing these Markers.

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