The #uksdlt data helper can be used to calculate current land tax rates for England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

This is updated whenever UK legislation is amended, meaning nothing needs to be changed at your side!
For a more comprehensive calculation of English and Northern Irish Stamp Duty rates, see our #partial EnglandResidentialSDLT helper.

The data helper is made up of the following parts:

{{#uksdlt property.price first.time.buyer is.second.property 'England'any.purchasers.non.uk.resident}}

The data markers used in the example above can be changed for any current data markers in use within your InTouch account.


The data helper that tells InTouch to perform a Land Tax calculation


A data marker representing the price of the property


A data marker representing whether the first time buyer rates should be used


A data marker representing whether the second property surcharge should be used


'Northern Ireland'



Coding to represent which countries Land Tax rates to output


A data marker representing whether the non UK resident surcharge should be used

This data marker is optional, if you don't wish for the surcharge to be considered, remove the data marker from the end of the helper i.e.
{{#uksdlt property.price first.time.buyer is.second.property 'Scotland'}}

The #uksdlt data helper can then be used to calculate land tax rates within:

  • Quote calculators
  • Email, document and SMS templates
For further guidance on configuring the #uksdlt helper, watch our short training video!

Quote Calculators

To calculate land tax rates within a quote calculator:

  1. Create the following questions to collect the required information:


    Response Type

    Are you a first time buyer & will you be moving into the property?

    Yes / No

    Will the purchase of this property result in you owning two or more properties? 

    Yes / No

    [Optional] Are any of the purchasers non-UK residents?

    Yes / No

    Property Price


    Property Country

    Dropdown List or Radio with the following options:

    - England or Northern Ireland

    - Scotland

    - Wales

  2. Save the answers back to the relevant data markers
  3. Create the following fees with the relevant uksdlt data helper within the fee calculation box:


    Data Helper

    Stamp Duty Land Tax

    {{#uksdlt property.price first.time.buyer is.second.property 'England'any.purchasers.non.uk.resident}}

    Land and Buildings Transaction Tax

    {{#uksdlt property.price first.time.buyer is.second.property 'Scotland'}}

    Welsh Land Transaction Tax

    {{#uksdlt property.price first.time.buyer is.second.property 'Wales'}}

Add conditions or configure the fees to be hidden so that the relevant rates are only shown when the correct country is chosen within the form.
If you are making use of a Legacy Form, automatically add the above by selecting '+Step' within the form builder and choosing 'UK Land Tax'.


The #uksdlt data helper can also be used in document and email templates to calculate current land tax rates directly within the template. 

  1. Ensure the relevant data markers are defined as custom fields on your matter templates
  2. Add the data helper to the relevant place within the template
  3. When the template's generated on a matter, the user will be asked the relevant questions and the land tax will be automatically calculated

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