#uksdlt - Calculate UK Land Tax (SDLT, LTT and LBTT)

The #uksdlt data helper can be used to calculate current land tax rates based on the required criteria.

The data helper is updated whenever UK legislation is amended, meaning nothing needs to be changed on your side!


The data helper employs the following Data Markers:

{{#uksdlt property.price first.time.buyer is.second.property 'England'}}


Represents the numerical value of the property


Defines whether the client is a first time buyer and, if so, whether they will be moving into the property


Defines whether the purchase will result in the client owning two or more properties


Defines which land tax rate is calculated

country is replaced by the countries names in quotation marks i.e. 'England''Wales''Northern Ireland' or 'Scotland'

Optional: any.purchasers.non.uk.resident

Defines whether the non-UK resident surcharge should be applied

Using #SDLT for Transfer of Equity Transactions

For Transfer of Equity transactions, just change the 1st data marker to one that relates to the chargeable consideration amount, i.e:

{{#uksdlt chargeable.consideration first.time.buyer is.second.property 'England' any.purchasers.non.uk.resident}}

Using #uksdlt in a Quote Calculator

To calculate Land Tax rates within a quote calculator:

  1. Create a new step
  2. Select the type 'UK Land Tax'

The following questions will be created:


Data Type

Related Data Marker

Will the purchase of this property result in you owning two or more properties?



Are you a first time buyer & will you be moving into the property?



Property Price / Chargeable Consideration


property.price / chargeable.consideration

Property Country

Drop Down List containing:

- England or Northern Ireland

- Scotland

- Wales


Optional: Are any of the purchasers non-UK residents?



Within the quote stage, fees will be added for:

  • England and Northern Ireland's SDLT
  • Wales' LTT
  • Scotland's LBTT
If you're including the non-UK resident surcharge amend the calculations to ensure the relevant Data Marker is included i.e. {{#uksdlt property.price first.time.buyer is.second.property 'England' any.purchasers.non.uk.resident}}

Using #uksdlt in an Email Template or Document Template

The #uksdlt data helper can also be used in document and email templates to calculate current land tax rates directly within the template. 

To use this:

  1. Ensure the five data markers are defined as custom fields on your matter templates
  2. Include the data helper within the required place on the template
  3. When the template's generated on a matter, the User will be asked the relevant questions to calculate the land tax
If you wish to include calculations for SDLT, LTT & LBTT within the same template include 3 separate SDLT helpers with the relevant countries included in the statement.

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