Adding a new matter

There are two ways to open a Matter on InTouch:

Creating a Matter from a Matter Template

  1. Navigate to the Matters page
You can do this by clicking the InTouch Logo in the top left corner or via the 'Matters' tab in the left side bar.
  1. Select + Matter
  2. Choose the Matter Template from the 'Create a Matter' section
To add a new Matter Template, follow the guidance here.
  1. Complete the required fields:
    1. Provide a reference if required. If this field is not available your references generate automatically
    2. Choose which Fee Earner the matter should be assigned to
    3. Add your Stakeholders by selecting + Stakeholder under the relevant group
      1. Search to see if the contact already exists within InTouch
      2. If not, + Create a new contact by filling in the required fields
      You can add or edit the stakeholders on a Matter at any point.
    4. Add the Matter address
    5. Fill in any additional questions
    The questions presented here are defined on your Matter Template.
    1. Choose whether the Matter should be a Lead. If left blank, the Matter will be set to Open.
  2. Create Matter

Creating a Matter from a Form Widget

  1. Navigate to the Matters page
  2. Select + Matter
  3. Within the 'Create a matter using' section, choose the relevant form widget
To use this functionality, your form widget needs to be configured to 'open a new matter'
  1. Fill in the required fields
  2. Once complete, a matter will be opened and the details provided in the form widget will be saved back to the Matter.

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