Stakeholders are anyone you might interact with on a matter. For example:

  • Client
  • Otherside Solicitor
  • Estate Agent

Adding Stakeholders to your Matter Templates allows you to:

  • Keep your contacts organised on a matter
  • Ensure the correct data markers are available
Adding a new stakeholder group

Within the Stakeholders tab on a matter template:

  1. Select +Add
  2. Name: Provide a name for the Stakeholder i.e. Purchaser
  3. Type: Select the type of Stakeholder i.e. Client
  4. Hidden: Choose whether the Stakeholders details should be visible to others within the Portal
  5. Has access to the portal: Choose whether the Stakeholder is able to track their matters progress within the InTouch portal
Any matter stakeholder is able to sign up for an InTouch Portal account. This allows them to complete forms with matter stakeholder restrictions applied. Stakeholders will only be able to view their matter within the Portal, if they have been granted the above permission.
For further information on the situations in which the following emails are sent, please see our Automated Email Settings.
  1. Document Sharing Notifications: Choose whether to email the Stakeholder each time a document is made visible to them in the Portal
  2. Matter Update Notifications:
    1. Update when a task they can see is completed: Choose whether to email the Stakeholder each time a visible task has been completed
    2. Update when a note is added to task that they can see: Choose whether to email the Stakeholder each time a note has been added to a visible task
  3. Matter Completion Notifications:
    1. Send an email when the matter completes: Choose whether to email the Stakeholder 24 hours after a matter has completed
A maximum of 4 stakeholders can be added to each stakeholder group on a matter, as this is the most typical number of people involved in a property transaction. If you require more, just add an additional stakeholder group to the matter template.

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