Matter overview

Matters have two distinct sections:

  1. Matter Details on the left
  2. Matter Actions on the right

Matter Details

The left hand side of the matter details:

  • The matter state
  • Any pinned custom fields
  • Any linked matters
    A matter is automatically linked if it has the same primary stakeholder.
  • The matter address
  • The Stakeholders involved in the transaction, categorised by type
  • The Fee Earner assigned to the matter

Matter Actions

Settings Cog

The settings cog on the right hand side of the matter allows you to:


Each matter will have a number of different tabs available, which allow you to perform certain actions.

These may appear differently, depending on which package you are using. If you'd like to discuss any missing functionality, please get in contact at

Provides a list of tasks associated with the Matter.

Through the Settings Cog on each task you're able to:

  • Amber Traffic Light - Manually add an amber alert to the Matter
  • Red Traffic Light - Manually add a red alert to the Matter
  • Rename - Edit the name of the task
  • Not Applicable - Mark the task as not applicable to the matter
    Marking a task as non applicable minimises the task on the workflow, removes any traffic light settings and hides the task within the Stakeholder Portal.
  • Delete - Remove the task from the Matter
    Only certain users will have permission to delete tasks from a Matter.
  • Visible to - Manually change which Stakeholders can see this task within their Portal
  • Private - Manually change the task so it's not visible in anyone's Portal

You're also able to:

  • + Add - Add a new task to the workflow in a chosen position, either from a template or manually.
  • Change the way tasks are displayed once completed
    • Collapse completed: once completed, the task is shown in a more compact state
    • Collapse all: all tasks are shown in a more compact state
    • Expand all: all tasks are shown in their expanded state
    If a task is collapsed, you can expand it again by clicking on it.
  • Re-order Tasks - Allows you to manually re-order the tasks on the workflow
  • Reset Tasks - Allows you to reset the tasks on the workflow

A place to record any notes or telephone calls associated with the matter. They are then available for your team to view and are ordered by date of entry.

Alert team members to important notes by tagging them with the '@' symbol.
Docs and Emails

A single place for all of your matter documents and emails, with a fast search box

When using the new Folder UI all documents, emails, files and notes are saved within the ‘Folder' tab. Making it easier to find what you need, in one organised place.

A place to store any information collected through the transaction. Any data collected via your form widgets will automatically save back to the relevant custom field.


A place to order your searches on the matter, from one of our integrated search providers

Time Recording

A place to record any time spent on the matter which is to be charged to your Stakeholders.


A place to manage your Client accounting, directly on the Matter

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