Attaching emails to a matter

Emails and their attachments can be added to a matter on InTouch in 3 different ways:

  1. Automatically, using an email transport rule
  2. Automatically, using the Outlook Plugin
  3. Manually, by sending the email to the InTouch inbound address
We recommend all users make use of both a forwarding rule and the InTouch Outlook plugin.

Automatic transport rule

A transport rule can be applied to your email system so emails are automatically forwarded to the correct matter on InTouch.

To check whether this is in place at your organisation, please speak with your internal Automation Expert.

To implement a transport rule, refer to the help documents below depending on the email system in use:

For an email to automatically attach it must contain:
- The matter's ITR code in the subject line
- A recipient or sender with an email address registered to your InTouch email domain (this does not include those CC'd or BCC'd into the email)
The email won't attach if any of the below addresses are contained within the 'To' or 'From' field of the email:,,,,,

The InTouch Outlook Plugin

The InTouch Plugin can be used to automatically attach emails to the correct matter on InTouch, directly from Outlook.

Follow the guidance here to add the Outlook Plugin to your device.

InTouch's inbound email address

To manually forward an email to a matter on InTouch:

  1. Add the matter's ITR code to the email's subject line
    A matter's ITR code can be found on the left hand side of a matter underneath it's current state or at the bottom of the Folder tab.
  2. Send the email to the following address, depending on your location:
    1. UK:
    2. Australia:

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