Using contact field definitions

A Contact Field Definition's Data Marker can be used within Email and Document Templates to automatically input your Stakeholders details into the template.


A Contact Field's Data Marker is made up of the following parts:

  1. It will always begin with stakeholder
  2. Followed by the name of the Stakeholder type i.e. clientor estateagent
  3. A number, which correlates with the position of the Stakeholder i.e. client.2for the second client on the matter
  4. Finally, the required data marker i.e. address.line1

For example; {{stakeholder.client.2.address.line1}}

A data marker is always enclosed within two pairs of curly brackets: {{...}}

Using Contact Field Definitions in Templates

When creating a template, visit the 'Data Marker' tab to view a list of the available data markers.

Select a group to view the data markers available within this category.

You can then copy the required data marker into your template.

Using Contact Field Definitions on a Matter

When a template is generated on a matter which includes a Contact Field's Data Marker, it will automatically input the desired information from the Stakeholders contact card into the template.

Unlike Custom Fields, Contact Fields don't prompt the user to review the information before generating the template. This is because information on a Contact Card is unlikely to change and therefore streamlines your template generation process.

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