Tasks on a matter

The Tasks tab of a matter provides a list of tasks related to a transaction.

Select the checkbox next to a task to mark it as complete.

Some tasks may have automated actions assigned to them. The task might generate an email, document, SMS template or more!
Make use of automated emails so your stakeholders are notified when a task is completed. Great for providing consistent updates on a matters progress!

Workflow settings

At the top of the tab you are able to:

  • + Add - Add a new task to the workflow:
    • Template: select the type of task you would like to add
    • Name: provide the task with a name
      If a task is added from the matter template, the name will automatically populate.
    • Position: choose where the task should be positioned within the current workflow
  • Use the dropdown list on the righthand side of the Task tab to change the way tasks are displayed on the workflow:
    • Collapse completed: the task is minimised when completed
    • Collapse all: all tasks are minimised, regardless of their current state
    • Expand all: all tasks are expanded, regardless of their current state
  • Order - Change the order of the tasks on the matter
  • Reset - Reset the task list according to the current matter template

Task settings

Through the settings cog on each task you are able to:

  • Amber Traffic Light - Manually add an amber alert to the matter
  • Red Traffic Light - Manually add a red alert to the matter
  • Rename - Edit the name of the task
  • Not Applicable - Mark the task as not applicable to the matter
    Marking a task as not applicable minimises the task on the workflow, removes any traffic light settings and hides the task within the Stakeholder Portal.
  • Delete - Remove the task from the matter
    Only certain users have permission to delete tasks from a matter.
  • Visible to - Manually change which stakeholders can see this task within their Portal
  • Private - Manually change the task so it's not visible in any stakeholder's Portal

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