Email delivery reports

As an email goes through it's journey to your recipients inbox, it's position in that journey is labelled on the email. The labels are; Sent, Delivered, Opened or Bounced.


The email has successfully reached the InTouch email server, and is ready to be delivered to the recipient's mail server. 


The recipients email server has received the email.


The email was opened by at least one of the recipients.

An invisible pixel is inserted into your emails that allows InTouch to track when the email is viewed.
If the recipients email client does not load images, the email can't be tracked, and therefore never labelled as "Opened".

The recipients server has rejected the email.

If you open the email on the matter, there will be a message indicating why the email was rejected.

A bounce is a message that comes back from the recipient's mail server, saying the email could not be delivered. This can be a permanent failure (a hard bounce) or a temporary failure (a soft bounce).
A bounce only shows once all the attempts to re-deliver a temporarily bounced email have failed. The Fee Earner will be notified by email, if an email bounces.
How can I make my email deliverable again?

Once an email has bounced, in order to reduce the risk of email spam InTouch will not send the email again to that address.

If you notice your email is not getting delivered, we may be able to re-activate the address for you.

Please contact for assistance on reactivating bounced email addresses.

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