Contact history

The History tab of a stakeholder's contact card details a list of changes that have been made to the contact.

The audit trail includes details on:

  • The time and date of the change
  • The change that was made
  • The user who made the change
This includes changes made manually by your team and those made automatically through actions taken by a stakeholder, for example, through submission of a form.

The History records information on:

Contact Actions

  • Contact card creation
  • Matter association:
    • Being added as a stakeholder to a matter
    • Being removed as a stakeholder from a matter
  • The merging of contact cards

Contact Data

  • Changes to the stakeholder's Contact Fields, including:
    • New data being added
    • Existing data being amended
    • Data being deleted
For details on changes made to a matter's Custom Fields, please see the Matter History.


  • Files added to the contact card
  • Files removed from the contact card
  • Stakeholder exports added to the contact card


  • The contact being synced to Xero
  • The contact being delinked from Xero

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