Data on a matter

A Matter's Data can be viewed in two places:

  1. The data tab
  2. A pinned field

Data Tab

Any information collected within a Matter can be found in its 'Data' tab.

The Data is saved under assigned groups.

These groups are defined within your Matter Template. Add as many groups as you like to keep your data organised.

Each data point has a unique Data Marker.

Data Markers can be used to recall information automatically;

To view a data marker:

  1. Expand the group it's saved under
  2. The Data Marker will be saved on the right hand side, formatted as: {{keyword.keyword}}
  3. The Data will be saved on the left hand side
Data can be added at any time. Either manually via the Data tab or automatically via your form widgets, documents and email templates.

Using a data marker

Using data markers in templates means any data saved against it, will be displayed in it's place.

For example if the data marker{{property.price}} is set to 500,000

Template Format:

Generated Format:

The property price is £{{property.price}}.

The property price is £500,000.

Pinned Fields

Pinned fields are displayed on the top left hand side of a matter:

The fields will either show:

  • A value, if data has been applied
  • "Set", if data is not yet available

To input new data, select the blue text field and you will be taken to the relevant data field within the matter.

Pinned fields are configured within your Matter Templates.

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