Form steps

Steps create the pages your users will navigate through when completing a form.

Use them to separate the segments of information being requested.

Add conditions to your steps to create a completely bespoke user journey!

Remember to save any changes before navigating away from the Form Builder.

Creating a new step

  1. Within the text box titled Step Name, enter the desired name for the step
  2. Select the + icon
  3. The step will now be available for configuration

Editing an existing step

  1. Using the side navigation menu, select the step requiring amendment
    1. To rename:
      1. Hover over the step name
      2. Select Rename
      3. Provide the desired new name for the step
      4. Select Done
    2. To reorder:
      1. Hover over the step
      2. Select the arrow icon on the right hand side
      3. Drag to the desired position
    3. To delete:
      1. Under Step Actions on the right hand side
      2. Select Delete Step

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