Form completion webhook

The Form Completion Webhook can be used to notify external services whenever a form is completed by a user.

You can build your own custom online forms which can create & update matters or simply send an email.

Within InTouch there are two different types of forms:

  • Forms (our latest form builder)
  • Legacy Forms
Forms provide you with our latest Form Builder which contains enhanced functionality and a more user friendly design.

To configure the Form Completion Webhook, follow the instructions below depending on the type of form it's being configured for:


  1. Navigate to Settings > API
  2. Under Webhooks, select Form Completion
  3. Add Webhook
  4. Provide your webhook URL
  5. Choose which forms it should be applied to
  6. Save

Each time the selected forms are completed, this URL will be notified.

Legacy Forms

  1. Navigate to Settings > Form Widgets
  2. Select Edit on the required form widget
  3. Navigate to the forms Settings
  4. Tick 'Invoke the following webhook'
  5. Provide your webhook URL
  6. Save

Each time this form is completed, this URL will be notified.

Example JSON webhook payload

"event": "Form_Completion",
"": "Sam Jones",
"": "",
"timestamp": "2020-01-03T17:01:23Z",
"data": {
//...form fields

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