Introduction to forms

A form within InTouch can be used to collect information from:

  • Your team
  • Your stakeholders
  • Any other external party

The information collected can be automatically saved back to your matter and recalled in any of your email, document or SMS templates.

Online forms also allow you to:

InTouch forms can also be embedded onto your website, great for lead collection and quote generation!

Some examples of when an online form might be used, is for:

  • Quoting
  • Instruction
  • Risk Assessments
  • Completion / Post Completion Checklists
  • Collecting Feedback
Create a fully automated, online onboarding process by linking multiple forms together!

Within InTouch, you have access to two different form builders:

  1. Forms
    This is our recommend Form Builder containing a variety of enhanced features, functionality and user friendly design.
  2. Legacy Forms

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