Matter lifecycle

There are 5 Matter States:

  • Lead - Matter is not yet confirmed with client
Matters opened via your Quote Calculator will automatically be set as leads.
  • Open - Matter is being worked on
  • Completed - All Tasks have been completed
  • Aborted - Matter has been cancelled
  • Archived - Completed Matters are automatically changed to an archived state after 28 days. You can change this length by going to Settings > Organisation Settings > Advanced

When creating a new Matter, you will be prompted to choose whether it should be set as a Lead. If the checkbox is empty, it will automatically be set to Open.

Manually changing the state of a matter

  1. Navigate to the Matter
  2. Click on the State drop down menu on the left hand side
  3. Choose the appropriate State
Matters will automatically complete when all the assigned tasks have been completed.

Automatically changing the state of a matter

  1. Navigate to the Matter Template
  2. Select Tasks
  3. Either Add a new task or select Edit on an existing task
  4. Scroll to the section "When this task completes" and select the appropriate action
A great time to automatically convert the Matter to an open state is when you have been instructed by your client.

Placing a matter on hold

If a matter is not currently progressing you can place it on hold.

Placing a matter on hold will stop any alerts showing on that matter until you take off hold.
  1. Navigate to the Matter
  2. Click on the settings cog in the top right hand corner
  3. Select Place on Hold
  4. Follow the on screen instruction if you wish to set an alarm to remind you to take off hold

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