Tasks outstanding report

The Tasks Outstanding Report allows you to gain data on the number of outstanding tasks within the defined timeframe.

This report is great to use if you'd like an understanding of the conditions that make up your outstanding tasks.
This report will only show data for matters in the Lead or Open state.
  1. Choose the date you would like to gain data on, which will output:
    1. The selected date
    2. The week the date falls within
    3. The month the date falls within
  2. Choose whether to filter the results by matters assigned to a particular team
  3. Choose whether to filter the results by matters assigned to a particular Fee Earner
  4. Within the table, choose the tasks you wish to gain data on from the dropdown menus
  5. Select Refresh to generate the data
    The report also auto-refreshes every 5 minutes.

The report will show the number of tasks outstanding within the defined timeframe.

The final column lists which matter templates the task belongs to.

Click the numbers within the table to view a list of matters that make up the data. This also includes details on the fee earner and team the matter is associated with and when the task was completed, if applicable.

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