Document templates

Document Templates can be used to automatically generate customised documents and letters on a matter.

Include Data Markers in your templates to recall Matter and Stakeholder information automatically into the document.

Learn how to generate a template on a matter, here.

Creating a New Document Template

  1. Navigate to Settings > Documents
  2. Select + Template or drag and drop the file into the InTouch window
    1. Name: Provide a name which will be used when selecting the template on a matter
    2. This document is followed by: Select a second document template to be created once this document is generated on a matter
    3. Default letter head: Select a default letter head to be used when the document is generated on a matter
    4. Auto create a time recording when this document is created?: Select if you require the document to have time recorded against it when generated on a matter
      This is only applicable if you have time recording functionality included on your account.
    5. Add File: Upload the required template as a pdf or docx (word document) file
    6. Save

Editing a Document Template

If you wish to make changes to an existing document template on InTouch:

  1. Find the relevant template within your Document Settings
  2. Select the download icon to the right hand side of the template
  3. Open the template within Word
    1. Make the required changes
    2. Save the document
  4. Within InTouch, select the edit (pencil) icon next to the existing template
  5. Select Add File
  6. Choose the amended Word file saved to your device
  7. Save

Managing your Document Templates

The following actions are available within your Templates tab:

  • Use the search bar to find a specific document template
  • Organise your templates into Folders to keep them organised.
    • Select + Folder and drag and drop the templates into their required location.
  • Download all the templates to your device by selecting 'Download All'
Document actions
  • Labels: Assign labels to your documents which will automatically be applied when generated on a matter
  • Download: Download a copy of the template to your device
  • Edit: Amend the name, description and settings given to the template
  • Clone: Create a copy of the template with a new name
  • Delete: Select the red cross next to the template to permanently remove it from InTouch.

Data Markers

The Data Marker tab provides a list of all the Data Markers associated with your account. These are either built in, or have been created within your Matter Templates.

To add data markers to Word Documents, copy the marker from InTouch and paste it into the required place on your template.

To add data markers to PDF documents, follow the guidance here.

InTouch will automatically check and alert you to formatting errors when you upload your document to InTouch
For further guidance on configuring your InTouch templates, watch our short training video!

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