Emails on a matter

Emails can be generated on a matter in 2 ways:

  • From a task
This requires the email template to be embedded into the matter's task list.

From a task

  1. Within a matter, select the relevant task within the workflow
  2. Choose the recipient
    If the email template is populated with data markers, this will determine who the email is addressed to.
    Only one stakeholder can be selected at this point but further recipients can be added when the email is customised.
  3. Enter the required information in the fields provided
  4. Confirm
  5. Customise the content as needed
    1. Add further recipients using the To, CC or BCC fields
      Suggested recipients will be provided in a drop down list. These are categorised by the stakeholders associated with the matter, default addresses configured within the email template and contacts within your organisation.
    2. Change the subject line
    3. Choose the email sender, this can be:
      1. The user logged into InTouch
      2. The Fee Earner of the matter
        Changing the sender will remove any email content. Ensure you copy the email first before amending the sender.
    4. Use the top ribbon to format the email
    5. Add or remove attachments
      1. Use the search bar to find any matter files by their name or labels applied
      2. Select Duplicate as PDF to convert a word file to PDF
        The converted PDF will be automatically selected as an attachment.
      3. Use the visibility icon to preview any of the files listed
    6. Choose to:
      1. Send immediately
      2. Save as Draft: select the downwards arrow next to the send button and the email will be pinned to the top of the Folder tab and can be sent when ready
        Notify team members of draft emails by assigning them for review.

From the Folder tab

  1. Within the matter, select the Folder tab
  2. Select Email in the top toolbar
    For devices with smaller screens, this will be located within the '+ New' dropdown list.
  3. Choose the required template by:
    1. Navigating through the folders
    2. Typing the email name in the search bar
      Select 'No Template' to create a blank email template.
      Emails may be available for recovery if you have previously left without sending them.
  4. Follow steps 2 - 5 above

Email actions

Finding emails

Locate any emails saved to a matter by using:

  • The search bar at the top of the Folder
  • The filters on the lefthand side of the Folder
    • Filter by Type to only display emails saved to a matter
      This also allows you to filter by emails including particular stakeholders.
    • Use the Labels filter to only see items with a particular label applied

Previewing emails

You can preview an email on a matter in two ways:

  1. Select the email on a matter to open a preview
  2. Select the '...' icon next to the email and select 'Open in Popout'

This allows you to:

  • Reply to or forward the email
  • Print a copy of the email

Pinning emails

Pinning allows you to fix an item to the top of the Folder tab so it's always easily accessible.

Select the pin icon next to the email to add it to your pinned items.

Add as many pinned items as you like to your matters.
Pinned items will be arranged by the date the item was created/added to the Folder.
Draft emails can't be pinned as they automatically sit at the top of the Folder tab until they are sent.

Email delivery reports

An email delivery report is provided to the right hand side of an email on a matter. This will show whether the email has been:

  • Sent
  • Delivered
  • Opened
  • Bounced

Labelling emails

Labels allow you to categorise files so you can easily find them on a matter.

Select the Label icon to apply up to 3 labels to the email.

If a label has already been applied, select the existing label to add or edit them further.
Labels can be applied to email templates directly so that they are automatically applied when generated on a matter.

Downloading emails

Use the download icon next to an email to download a copy as a PDF file.

If you require a copy of all emails on the matter, use the export functionality.

Assigning emails for review

To notify a team member of an email on a matter:

  1. Within the Folder tab, select the '...' icon next to the email you would like reviewed
  2. Choose the user you would like to review the file
  3. Add a message, if required
  4. Choose whether to send an email notification
This is a great way of reviewing emails before they're sent. Just save your email as a draft and then assign for review.

Renaming emails

To rename an email on a matter:

  1. Within the Folder tab, select the '...' icon next to the file
  2. Select Rename

Removing emails

To remove an email on a matter:

  1. Within the Folder tab, select the '...' icon next to the email
  2. Select Move to trash
This removes the item from the main Folder but it can still be restored if needed.

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