Emails on a matter

Generating emails on a matter

  1. Navigate to a matter
  2. Within the Docs/Email tab, select Email
When using the new Folder UI this is done through the ‘Folder’ tab. Click ‘+ New’ and select ‘Email’ to choose your template. Any emails generated will be saved here for future reference.
  1. Choose the required email template or 'no template' if you'd prefer a blank page
Emails may be available for recovery if you've previously created a template and left without sending it.
  1. Select the recipient
  2. Enter the required information in the fields provided
  3. Confirm
  4. Send
Embed your email templates into your workflow so they can be generated automatically from your task list.

Customising emails on a matter

Once an email template's been generated you have the ability to:

  1. Enter any additional email content
  2. Add further recipients using the To, CC or BCC fields
    Suggested recipients will be provided in a drop down list. These are categorised by the stakeholders associated with the matter, default addresses configured within the email template and contacts within your organisation.
  3. Rename the Subject
  4. Change who the email is sent from. This can be:
    1. The user logged into InTouch
    2. The Fee Earner associated to the matter
    Changing the sender will remove any email content. Ensure you copy the email first before amending the sender.
  5. Add any attachments to the email
You can convert any word documents to PDF before attaching by selecting 'duplicate to PDF' next to the file.
If the body of an email contains the word 'Attachment' or 'Attached' and no files are associated with the email, the user will be warned before sending.

Saving emails as drafts

If you wish to save an email as a draft:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the send button
  2. Select Save as Draft

The email will be saved in the Docs/Email tab and can be amended / sent when ready.

Finding emails on a matter

To filter your matters Folder by emails only, on the left hand side of the Folder tab under 'Filter by Type' select 'Emails'. This will temporarily remove any other correspondence type.

You can also filter your emails by those including a particular stakeholder type. On the left hand side of the Folder tab under 'Filter by emails including' select your chosen stakeholder type. This will only find emails which include that stakeholder in either the 'To' or 'From' field.

These filters are only available within the new Folder UI.
You can also use the search bar to find an email by a particular name.

Assigning emails for review

If you wish to assign someone to review an email:

  1. Select the review icon next to the email
  2. Choose the user to be notified of your review
  3. Include a message, if required
  4. Choose whether to send an email notification
This is a great way of reviewing emails before they're sent. Just save your email as a draft and then assign for review.

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