Client accounting introduction

Not all InTouch packages have access to this functionality. For further information, please contact
You can also switch this functionality on and off at a matter template level.

This chapter of our help documentation details how to use the trust accounting features of InTouch. To best utilise this, its beneficial to have a good understanding of;

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Client/Trust Accounting compliance in your jurisdiction
  3. Tax compliance in your jurisdiction
  4. Xero Accounting Software
  5. Your Chart of Accounts

There are a few key points, before we get started, that it is important to be aware of:

  • You'll need a Xero software user account, and the best way to get one of this is to go directly to
  • Every action you take with regards to monies you hold on trust needs to be taken inside of InTouch, not Xero. The reason for this is because InTouch will not be aware if you are creating/editing/deleting transactions inside Xero.
  • The advantage of using InTouch in combination with Xero is that InTouch automatically syncs transactions with Xero. This allows you to run a compliant trust account for your matter inside InTouch, and still have all the business accounting benefits of the world class accountancy product that is Xero (e.g. electronic tax submissions, payroll, up to date business reports, bank feed syncing and so on).
Our favourite benefit of the InTouch-Xero combination is no more uploading & downloading CSV files for reconciliation, tax submissions and syncing your business accounts software, saving you precious time and improving your bookkeeping accuracy.

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