Matter state reports

The Matter State Reports allow you to gain data on the number of matters converted to a particular state within the defined timeframe. The data is then filtered by matter template, team or fee earner.

This report is great to use if you'd like to view the conditions that make up your matters.
Use the Overview Report to view this data in a line graph, without the additional variables included.

There are 4 separate reports representing the matter states: lead, open, completed and aborted.

  1. Select the relevant matter state report you would like to use
  2. Change the timeframe using the calendar icon in the right hand corner
  3. Use the drop down menu to filter the data by:
    1. Matter Type: to filter by matter template
    2. Team: to filter by the team associated to the matter
    3. Fee Earner: to filter by the fee earner associated with the matter
    4. Reason (for aborted matters only): to filter by the reason given for aborting the matter

Hover over the charts to see the number of matters that make up the data.

Click within the charts to see a list of matters that make up the data.

Use the saved reports functionality to save a report with lots of filters, saving you time next time you wish to generate the same report

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