To access your security settings, visit your InTouch Settings > Security.

Here you are able to:

  • Manage your account's password
  • Manage your account's Two-Step Authentication
  • Manage your account's Active Sessions
    Active sessions are the different applications that are currently signed into your InTouch account.
    You can force sign out of these sessions at any time by selecting Sign Out next to the individual session or Sign Out All.
  • Manage your account's Trusted Devices
    A trusted device is one that has previously signed into InTouch with the Trusted Device checkbox ticked.
    These devices are remembered for 30 days, and do not require Two-Step authentication within that time.
    A trusted device can be removed by selecting Forget next to the individual device or Forget All.
  • View your account's log in history
    Your log in history provides an audit trail of the attempted to sign-in's to any of your InTouch applications including the Word and Outlook Plugins.

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