Notes on a matter

There are three places you can add notes to on a matter:

  1. The Notes Tab
  2. The Sticky Note
  3. A Task Note

Notes Tab

  1. Navigate to a Matter
  2. Select the Notes tab
When using the new Folder UI this is done through the ‘Folder’ tab. Click ‘+ New’ and select ‘Note’ to generate a note that will be saved to the matter.
  1. Select Add Notes
  2. Type your note
  3. Save
You can mention other team members by typing @ followed by their name.
Finding Notes on a matter

To filter your matters Folder by notes only, on the left hand side of the Folder tab under 'Filter by Type' select 'Notes'. This will temporarily remove any other correspondence type.

These filters are only available within the new Folder UI.

You can then use the search bar to find a note using key words or names.

Sticky Note

  1. Navigate to a Matter
  2. Click the settings cog
  3. Select Add Sticky Note
  4. Type your note
  5. Save

Your note be prominently display at the top of the matter

Don't forget to alert other staff members to notes by using mentions.

Task Note

  1. Navigate to a matter
  2. Click + Note displayed under each task on the workflow
  3. Type your note
  4. Save
If the task is visible to a Stakeholder, the Stakeholder will be able to view this note within their portal/mobile app.

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