Receivable templates

Receivable templates allow for predefined fees & disbursements to be added to a matter.

This saves time and also ensures the correct information is being included in the receivable.

Creating a receivable template

To create your templates:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Accounts > Receivable Templates
  2. Select the '+' button
  3. Complete the required fields
    Ensure you select the correct account type and whether the amount includes tax.
  4. Save

A receivable template will have been created and can be used on a matter.

Edit, clone or delete the template using the 'Actions' menu to the right of the template.

Using a receivable template on a matter

  1. Within the matter, navigate to the Accounts tab > Receivables
  2. Select the "+" button
  3. Within the first drop down menu, select the required template
  4. The remaining fields will be automatically populated
    You can still amend any of the details if needed.
  5. Create Receivable

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