SMS messages

SMS messages are a great way to send quick updates to your stakeholders.

The mobile number that SMS messages are sent from is automatically assigned to your system and cannot be changed. 

There are three ways SMS messages can be sent from a matter: 

  • From the task list: An SMS template can be assigned to a task on your workflow
  • From a contact card: Select the SMS button on the contact card
This will only be visible if a phone number has been provided for the Stakeholder.
  • From the Folder tab: Select '+New' and choose SMS

Sending an SMS

You can either generate an SMS from a template or freely type a message:

  1. Use the search bar to find a specific template
  2. Select No template to create a new message
  3. Send
  4. Sent SMS messages are then stored in the Folder tab on the matter.

Finding SMS messages on a matter

Locate any SMS messages sent within a matter by using:

  • The search bar at the top of the Folder
  • The filters on the lefthand side of the Folder
    • Filter by Type to only display SMS messages saved to a matter
    • Use the Labels filter to only see items with a particular label applied

SMS Replies

If a stakeholder replies to an SMS, the Fee Earner on the matter will receive the reply as an email with the following information: 

  • The phone number or stakeholder name the reply was sent from
  • The content of the SMS message
  • If the stakeholder is involved with multiple matters, the matter references their phone number is associated to
If the stakeholder is only involved with one matter, you will just receive the name associated with their contact card and the content of the SMS message.
You cannot reply to the email.
SMS replies are sent to any fee earner associated with a matter where that Stakeholder's mobile number is used on a contact card.
Easily attach SMS replies to the relevant matter on InTouch by using the Outlook Plugin.

SMS Cost

SMS messages cost 1 or more credits depending on the length of the message. The amount of credits spent on each message is shown on the SMS window before clicking send. 

If you use the SMS feature, your account will be credited with a bundle of 100 credits which are automatically replenished when low. The SMS bundles are then automatically added to your monthly invoice. 

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