Creating a new contact field

To create a new Contact Field Definition:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Contact Fields
  2. To add a new Group:
    1. Click +
    2. Enter a name for the group
    3. Create
    Groups help to organise the data on a Contact Card
  3. To create a new Contact Field Definition:
    1. Under the relevant group, select '+ Add Field'
    2. Complete the required sections:
      1. Type: The sort of data the user is able to input
      2. Name: A user friendly name for the field
      3. Data Marker: A unique identifier that can be used to recall the information in document and email templates on the matter
        Data markers must be at least 2 words long and separated by periods. For example:

Contact Correspondence Address

If you have a Contact Field group called 'Correspondence', you can automatically copy the matter address to the contact card.

This is a great way of updating the client's address post completion.
  1. Within a matter, select 'Edit' on the Stakeholders contact card
  2. Next to the correspondence group, select 'Copy address from matter'
  3. Save

The matters address will be saved as the Stakeholders correspondence address.

This will only be possible if you have the correct data markers in place.

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