Linking forms within your templates

Form widgets can be added to your email templates, to provide access for your Stakeholders.

  1. Within a form widget, copy the second link on the left hand side of the page under the text:
    "The following snippet can be used in email & document templates to give the receiver a link to this form widget"
  2. Paste the link into your template, either:
    1. Using a hyperlink
      1. Highlight the text you’d like users to click on to lead them to the form
      2. Select the link icon from the text editor options
      3. Paste the link to the form in the URL field
        1. Optional: Choose to add a ‘Title’ which appears when the user hovers over the link eg. 'Click to view'
        2. Optional: Select if you’d like the link to open in a new window
      4. Save
    2. Using a button:
      1. Select the <> icon on the text editor (you may need to select '...' to display this icon)
      2. Paste the following code into the desired place on the template:
        <p><a class="btn-primary" href="URL LINK taken from the widget page">Text you’d like users to click on</a></p>
      3. Edit the sections in bold, as described
      4. Save

Linking Multiple Form Widgets

You're able to create a chain of consecutive form widgets to be sent to a Stakeholder, using automation.

This is great when onboarding a Client!
  1. Within the first form widget, ensure it's configured to email the Primary Client
  2. Choose the associated email template
  3. Within this email template create a link to the second form widget you'd like the user to complete
  4. Repeat the above for as many form widgets as you'd like

When a Stakeholder completes the first form widget, they will automatically receive an email with a link to the second form widget and so on and so forth.

Using Form Widgets to Open New Matters

You're also able to use Form widgets to open new matters from an existing case.

This is great if you're working on both a Purchase and Sale transaction or marketing additional services.
  1. Choose the form widget that will be used to open the new matter
  2. Include a link to this form widget within the required email template
  3. Remove /{{matter.guid}} from the end of the link
    {{matter.guid}} links the form widget to the existing matter. To open a new matter, remove {{matter.guid}} from the end of the link.
  4. When the Stakeholder completes the form widget, a new matter will be opened under the form widgets associated matter template
Quoting for Purchase and Sale Transactions

If you're quoting for a combined Purchase and Sale transaction, follow the steps below to automatically open the two matter templates.

  1. Within the quote calculator, include a form which quotes for both a Purchase and Sale
  2. Configure the form to open one of the matter templates i.e. Purchase
  3. Associate the form with a specific email template and ensure this is set to email the Primary Client
  4. Within this email template create links to two form widgets:
    1. The Purchase Instruction Form
    2. The Sale Instruction Form
  5. The Purchase Instruction form will save back to the existing matter
  6. The Sale Instruction form will open a new matter template
    1. To configure this, remove {{matter.guid}} from the end of the Sale Instruction Form link and ensure the form widget is set to open a new matter under the Sale template

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