Here you can find a list of terms specific to InTouch. Click on the name of the terms to open a relevant help file.


Formulas used to calculate values and display the result in documents or emails


Your record of a stakeholder containing details such as name, email and correspondence address

Custom Fields

A data marker created by your organisation.

Data Helper

Templating code starting with a '#' symbol, used to output custom content

Data Marker

Unique identifiers used to recall information from a Matter or Contact into documents, emails and SMS's

Data Types

The format in which Custom Fields store information, such as Checkboxes, Date, Text, Number, Yes/No

Form Widget

Forms which can produce quotes, collect information and ask for digital signatures


The use of InTouch within other programmes such as Microsoft Word and Outlook


Colour-coded tags which can be added to files for identification purposes


A case file

Matter State

The stage of a Matter which can be set as Lead, Open, Completed, Aborted or Archived

Matter Template

Pre-configured settings and workflows for each of your Matter types i.e. Purchase, Sale


The InTouch system used by your stakeholders to stay up to date on their transactions. Features a real time task list and the ability to share notes and documents


A party/person/company invested in the Matter


Forms part of your workflow and can trigger certain actions

Traffic Light

Alerts the user that a matter requires review. Can be triggered automatically based on pre-configured conditions

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