Here you can find a list of terms specific to InTouch. Select the name of a term to open the relevant help file.


Formulas used to calculate values. The results can be displayed in documents, emails and quote calculator fees.


Your record of a stakeholder containing details such as name, email and correspondence address.

Contact Fields

A data marker created by your organisation to collect stakeholder specific information.

Custom Fields

A data marker created by your organisation to collect transaction specific information.

Data Helper

Templating code starting with a '#' symbol, used to output custom content.

Data Marker

Unique identifiers used to collect and recall information.

Data Types

The format in which data markers collect and store information, such as text, yes/no and date fields.


Our latest form builder, that can collect information, produce quotes, and ask for digital signatures.

Legacy Forms

An older version of our forms.


The use of InTouch within other programmes such as Microsoft Word and Outlook.


Colour-coded tags which can be added to files for identification purposes.


A case file.

Matter State

The stage of a matter which can be set as Lead, Open, Completed, Aborted, Archived or Deleted.

Matter Template

Pre-configured settings and workflows for each of your matter types i.e. Purchase, Sale.


The InTouch system used by your stakeholders to stay up to date on their transactions. Featuring a real time task list and the ability to share notes and documents.


A party/person/company invested in the matter.


A reminder of actions that need completing in order to progress the matter.

Traffic Light

Automatic alerts that signify a matter requires attention.

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