Form actions

To access the below options:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Forms
  2. Ensure you are in the Forms tab
    Our Forms tab provides you with our new and improved Form Builder, containing additional features, enhanced functionality and a more user friendly design!
  3. Select the Folder the form belongs to
  4. Select Builder
  5. Select from the Form Actions section on the left-hand side, beneath the steps

Test form

This will open the current configuration of the form in a new browser tab.

This is great for testing your form before it goes live!


Configure the style and appearance of the form.

Restore previous

Choose to restore the form configuration to a previous version.

Each time a form is saved, a copy of the previous version is retained. The previous 20 versions of a form are available to be restored.


Download a copy of the form as a .json file.


Upload an existing form's setup.

This will overwrite any current configuration saved to the form.

Embed code

Provides a copy of the code needed to add the form to a website.

For further guidance on embedding forms please see this help document.


Opens the Form Completion webhook management area.

For further guidance on API and Webhook's please see this help document.

Duplicate form

Creates a copy of the form in a chosen folder.

To change the folder allocation of a form, duplicate the current form, choose the folder you wish for it to be allocated to, delete the original form.

Delete form

Permanently removes the form from your InTouch account.

This action cannot be reversed.

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