Weekly key dates report

The Weekly Key Dates Report allows you to gain data on the number of Custom Date Fields due within the defined time period.

This is a great report to use to understand how many key dates fall within a particular timeframe to manage workload.
  1. Change the timeframe using the calendar icon in the right hand corner
  2. Choose the Custom Date Field you wish to report on
    Only Custom Fields of a Date/Time Type will be available
  3. Choose whether to filter by a particular team
  4. Run

The data is displayed in a table, with the timeframe divided into weeks.

The number of matters with dates due that week will be displayed and categorised by the Fee Earner assigned to the matter.

Totals are provided for each Fee Earner and week.

Select the numbers within the table to see the list of matters that make up the data.

Use the saved reports functionality to save a report with lots of filters, saving you time next time you wish to generate the same report

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