Data markers

Data Markers are unique identifiers which can be used to recall information from a Matter or Contact into documents, emails and SMS.

There are 3 types of data markers;

  1. Custom Fields for data relating directly to a Matter.
  2. Contact Fields for data relating directly to a contact
    This data is saved to their contact card and is available across any matter they involved with as a Stakeholder.
  3. Stakeholder Type for data relating to a particular 'type' of stakeholder, as defined on your matter templates
    These are great when producing templates which can be used across multiple matter types.
    For example a purchaser and vendor could both be of a client type depending on the transaction.
    Stakeholder Type data markers are those which use ._ within the marker

Accessing Existing Data Markers

To find a list of your organisations data markers:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Documents
  2. Select the data markers tab

Use the search bar to find data markers by their name. The search result will automatically default to the first group in the list which contains a relevant match. Change the group using the drop down menu on the right hand side of the search bar.

Using Data Markers

Data markers can be used within documentemail and SMS templates.

We recommend copying the required data marker from the above database and pasting it into the template as Plain Text to prevent any formatting errors.

For Example:

Data Marker Type

Template Format



I am writing with regards to the{{}}of the property at {{matter.address.singleline}}

I am writing with regards to the Sale of the property at 1 Test Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 2AB

Contact Field

I note your date of birth is{{}}

I note your date of birth is 10/10/2001

Stakeholder Type

Dear {{stakeholder._client.forenamelist}}

Dear Mary and Paul


If your Data Markers are not correctly pulling data into your templates, refer to the below for guidance;

  • Check the spelling of the data marker
  • Ensure the data marker is wrapped by two sets of curly brackets: {{data.marker}}
  • Ensure the correct spacing has been used within the brackets
  • If using the #IF Data Helper, ensure it is closed with an {{#ENDIF}}
  • If using quotations within a Data Helper, ensure double quotations (" ") are used rather than single
  • If you have created your own data marker, ensure the custom field is saved to the matter template
  • Try deleting the data marker, then pasting it into the template as Plain Text

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