Merging contacts

Merging contacts allows you to combine the contact data, documents and associated Matters of multiple contacts into a single Contact Card.

This is a great way to remove duplicate contacts on your account.

To merge a contact:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts area located in the left-hand sidebar
  2. Search for the Stakeholder you wish to merge
    When merged, this Stakeholder will be deleted. Any data associated with them will either be merged or removed.
  3. Select Merge
  4. Search for the second Stakeholder you wish to merge them with
    This Stakeholder will be retained, the data from the first stakeholder will be merged with this contact card.
  5. Select the correct Stakeholder
  6. Merge
If different information is available across the two Contact Cards, the information on the first Contact Card will be deleted and replaced by the information on the second Contact Card.

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