Assigning files for review

Alert team members to the following items on a matter by assigning them for review:

  • Files (i.e. Word Documents, PDFs)
  • Emails and Email Drafts
  • Form Submissions

This highlights the item on the matter and sends a notification to the chosen user.

Items can be assigned for review in two ways:

  1. Within a matter
  2. Within the Outlook and Word Plugin

Within a matter

  1. Within a matters Folder tab, find the item you would like to assign for review
    Notes and phone calls can't be assigned for review. To alert team members to these, use the mention functionality instead!
  2. Select the '...' icon to the right hand side of the item and Assign for Review
  3. Choose the team member you would like to review the item
  4. Optional: add a message to be included in the review notification
  5. Choose whether to send the user an email notification
  6. Optional: select the final checkbox to always be prompted to assign files for review when they are added to a matter
    This only applies to files that are manually attached to a matter.

Within the Outlook and Word Plugins

When attaching correspondence using the Outlook and Word Plugins:

  1. Within the Plugin, locate the matter you wish to attach the item to
  2. Choose to assign the item for review
  3. Follow steps 4 - 6 above

Viewing items assigned for review

Items that have been assigned for review can be accessed within a matter in two ways:

  • Select the the notification in the top lefthand corner of the matter to open a preview of the item.
  • Within the Folder tab, find the item within the correspondence list.
    Make use of the "Review Required" filter on the lefthand side.

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