Assigning files for review

Alert team members to particular files on a matter by assigning them for review.

  1. Navigate to a matter
  2. Within the Docs/Email tab, select the magnifying icon to the right hand side of the file
    When using the new Folder UI this is done through the ‘Folder’ tab of the matter. Select the '...' icon on the right hand side of the item and select ‘Assign for Review’.
  3. Choose who you'd like to review the file
  4. Choose whether to send the selected user an email notification
  5. Optional: add a message to be included in the review notification
  6. Optional: select 'always prompt for a review when files are added to a matter' to automatically have the option to assign a file for review when it's added to a matter.
    This only applies to documents manually attached to a matter
Assign a draft email for review by saving an email as a draft and following the process above.

Viewing Files Assigned for Review

You can view any files assigned for review:

  • By clicking on the notification in the left hand corner of the matter. This will open the file in a pop-out window.
    Take care not to select the tick as that will remove the notification instead.
  • By filtering your Folder by 'Review Required'.

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