Ordering third party services

The Services tab of a matter allows you to place an order with one of our integrated partners.

Placing an Order

  1. Within the matter, navigate to the Services tab
    If this tab is not available, it may need to be activated within your matter template.
  2. Select the provider you would like to place an order with
  3. You will be directed to the providers landing page where you can place the required order
  4. An audit trail of the orders placed will be stored within the Transactions tab of the matter
    1. Each order will have a record of its current status (pending / completed)
  5. When the order is complete:
    1. The status will update accordingly
    2. Any associated documents are saved to the matter
      These can either be accessed through the Services tab or within your Folder tab.
      Choose to automatically share search documentation with your clients, within the advanced tab of your matter template.
    3. The Fee Earner will receive a notification to review the associated documents
      Choose which notifications are received within your notification settings or override individual notification emails by adding a centralised email address.


The 'Actions' menu to the right hand side of an order allows you to:

  • Abort: cancel the order with the third party provider.
    This will only be available if the order hasn't already completed.
  • Create Receivable: raise a receivable for the cost of the order.
    This is only available to those using the InTouch accounts package. For further information, please contact support@intouch.cloud.
    You can also configure your searches to automatically create receivables.

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